Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking time to smell the Roses!

In the past few years my photography has really taken me some cool places - this weekend it took me to Nashville to Centennial Park for a session. A beautiful baby girl just turned one! I have photographed her mommy since she was a teenager and photographed her parents wedding and her baby pictures, so it was really special seeing her turn one!

The park is gorgeous with the Parthenon in the center, beautiful flowers, a lake, and people from all walks of life. Today was especially nice weather so everyone was out! We ended up staying the night for a little mini vacation and our hotel had an indoor pool. My son, Lee, was so excited to be able to swim in February. He took this "underwater selfie" with one of my small compact digital cameras and I love everything about it! I love that he's under the water (he's been taking swim lessons since he was 3 years old, but this past summer "Mrs. Crystal" finally got through to him (and his fears) and he LOVES the water now - so to see him so happy and UNDERNEATH the water is a near miracle!). I love his sweet underwater smile and the composition is GREAT for a selfie! I've got some work to catch up on now, but it sure was a nice get away and nice to just relax and be with my little family!

Now, who's ready for an Easter session!?

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