Saturday, June 18, 2016

A lifetime of memories...

Today is wedding day for Brittany and Adam and I am so honored they chose me to be the one to capture their memories! Just this week I had a wedding client from 9 years ago tell me that she is so glad that they hired a professional and they watch their wedding slide show and look at their wedding album and it means more to them each year. I think "now days" with the way digital photography is (everybody has a cell phone readily available) and the main "thought" for pictures being "I want to share this on social media", not "I want to have this printed on professional paper that will last a lifetime to be displayed on a wall then handed down to my Grandkids", people are just fine with "iPhone photography". I can completely understand wanting (and needing) to cut cost in any way you can, but what I find is that people are willing to spend money on the dress of their dreams, the venue, the cake, the flowers (and all of those are an important part of your big day, I'm not knocking those at all), but when it comes to photography, literally the only thing they will have left of that day, they will let "Aunt Sue" take the pictures - or the cheapest one they can find that will give them a disc. I encourage you if you are getting married, to find a professional photographer and talk with them, find a couple that's been married awhile that DIDN'T use a professional photographer and asked them if they would have chose different. Your memories are worth capturing and they are worth preserving so that you will have them for generations to come!

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