Thursday, June 15, 2017

New & Improved!

This will be my last post on here! Please visit my NEW website at

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

For real this time!

I PROMISE I am going to get better at updating this! It's not that I'm not a "talker" (ask any of my former teachers, ha!) - There's just not enough hours in the day! I'm getting ready for our annual PPMA (Professional Photographers of Mississippi/Alabama) conference and this year I am going to enter some prints for competition! I'm nervous, but excited! I'm trying to learn to make digital mats, because apparently, that's a thing you need to do :)

We have got a LOT of great photographers coming to talk to us so I'm hoping I will come back with lots of ideas and inspiration and education!

I'm also excited about a prop I bought today for some "July 4th Mini Sessions"! I can't wait to get everything set up to show everyone!

Here's one of my first attempts at a "mat". There's still some work to be done :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking time to smell the Roses!

In the past few years my photography has really taken me some cool places - this weekend it took me to Nashville to Centennial Park for a session. A beautiful baby girl just turned one! I have photographed her mommy since she was a teenager and photographed her parents wedding and her baby pictures, so it was really special seeing her turn one!

The park is gorgeous with the Parthenon in the center, beautiful flowers, a lake, and people from all walks of life. Today was especially nice weather so everyone was out! We ended up staying the night for a little mini vacation and our hotel had an indoor pool. My son, Lee, was so excited to be able to swim in February. He took this "underwater selfie" with one of my small compact digital cameras and I love everything about it! I love that he's under the water (he's been taking swim lessons since he was 3 years old, but this past summer "Mrs. Crystal" finally got through to him (and his fears) and he LOVES the water now - so to see him so happy and UNDERNEATH the water is a near miracle!). I love his sweet underwater smile and the composition is GREAT for a selfie! I've got some work to catch up on now, but it sure was a nice get away and nice to just relax and be with my little family!

Now, who's ready for an Easter session!?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

11 Years!

Tomorrow marks 11 years when I first "officially" opened Southern Exposure Photography! I can remember being about 9 years old and sitting in my room trying to come up with names for my photography business! I dreamed about my studio (and still dream of a bigger studio, ha!) and so much has happened in these past 11 years! I have definitely grown in my photography, have joined photography associations, completed my Bachelor's degree in Art (emphasizing in Photography), attended classes, seminars, meetings, etc. trying to improve myself, my business, my photography (and will always continue doing that!) I can't wait to see where my photography goes from here and I want to thank my clients for supporting me all these years!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Here it is...

Here it is 6 months after my last post and I'm pretty sure I promised at the start of the year to be better at posting on here! This is no excuse (because I honestly do stink at posting), but my life has been crazy busy lately! My daughter got married, my son joined boy scouts and I became a den leader, my mom still has ongoing cancer appointments, my Grandmother passed away, and my dad has recently had his leg amputated! I will honestly be glad to see 2016 come to an end! (Not that it hasn't been full of blessings too!) I am so thankful to have such great clients/friends who have stood with me through all of this craziness this year! Be sure to get your Christmas card orders in before December 9 for the Buy 25, Get 25 Free deal! Hopefully 2017 I will be back in full swing!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A lifetime of memories...

Today is wedding day for Brittany and Adam and I am so honored they chose me to be the one to capture their memories! Just this week I had a wedding client from 9 years ago tell me that she is so glad that they hired a professional and they watch their wedding slide show and look at their wedding album and it means more to them each year. I think "now days" with the way digital photography is (everybody has a cell phone readily available) and the main "thought" for pictures being "I want to share this on social media", not "I want to have this printed on professional paper that will last a lifetime to be displayed on a wall then handed down to my Grandkids", people are just fine with "iPhone photography". I can completely understand wanting (and needing) to cut cost in any way you can, but what I find is that people are willing to spend money on the dress of their dreams, the venue, the cake, the flowers (and all of those are an important part of your big day, I'm not knocking those at all), but when it comes to photography, literally the only thing they will have left of that day, they will let "Aunt Sue" take the pictures - or the cheapest one they can find that will give them a disc. I encourage you if you are getting married, to find a professional photographer and talk with them, find a couple that's been married awhile that DIDN'T use a professional photographer and asked them if they would have chose different. Your memories are worth capturing and they are worth preserving so that you will have them for generations to come!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seniors 2016

Seniors 2016 - it's not to late to get Senior portraits! The weather is starting to get nice AND it just so happens that the die-cut cards are Buy 25, get 25 free right now (until May 1!), so that's 50 cards for $45.00!Contact me today to schedule your session!